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a misantrope's intro Empty a misantrope's intro

Post  painthermos on Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:37 am

well... it seems i'm writing under the identity of 'pain thermos' which is an anagram for misanthrope. i found some irony and humor in the fact that the phrase 'atheist porn' was the 2nd listing provided by the anagram engine for the word 'misanthrope'.

who am i?
... i deleted the beginning of that response enough times to get the perfect answer. no one.
ok let's try again.. i'm an anti-theistic introvert who attempts to pass time as quickly as possible by playing pc games.

hrm, it seems i almost typed my life story.. don't worry i caught myself ahead of time.

i am here to randomly spill whatever relevant thoughts come to mind until i get uncomfortable and crawl back into my hole again.

recently, i discovered a technique for stealing people's faith in mythology that is somewhat unorthodox but seemingly very effective.
i'm sure most people here have discovered in many(most) cases that facts, common sense, debate, and etc have little or no effect getting through to the indoctrinated. luckily i discovered that i can fight fiction with fiction

when i say 'fight fiction with fiction' i do Not mean 'make up bullshit'. i'm not a christian lol. hrm.. i guess i should explain in a less cryptic manner. let's start from the beginning.

sometimes i play a game named 'Diablo 3'. contrary to what the name implies, this game is quite anti-theistic. there is a plethora of atheist and anti-theistic metaphors inside this game. one example is at the end, when the devil (created by the player) stands at the pinnacle of heaven (instead of god)(much better explanation of this avoided for brevity because it's beside the point)

as i discovered these metaphors and talking points inside the game, i began to use them as a new approach for educating those who seemed clueless to reality and also played that game. what surprised me is seemed to actually fucking work. not 100% of course... but with the right words and a little bit of passion it seemed to actually make Much better progress than any prior attempts using typical techniques.

some people would be speechless, some would pretend to have agreed from the start, some would ask questions (not debate). sometimes i'd meet Mr Full Retard and fail.

in reality i have no idea how successful i was overall, but i tested this on people from ages 15-40 and the younger they were, the better the results felt. no matter what age, in almost every single case i felt that 'fighting fiction with fiction' was the best path compared to my experiences in the past using other tactics.

and yea i know.. it sounds stupid.. possibly detestable, so let me be clear. i'm not preaching to these people as if the game is a fact. i rarely even tell them what i believe to be true about life and the universe. i'm simply using it's poetic metaphors to teach them that what they know to be true is total bullshit.

to conclude here are my main goals on this forum.
1. to free-write, brainstorm and hopefully teach myself new ways to apply this 'education through fiction'
2. to better explain myself and my approach for those who are interested.
3. meet like minded people, especially those who may enjoy the same games as me, or females.

apologies for the lack of proofreading. if you made it this far, thanks.

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