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Suggestions for action! Empty Suggestions for action!

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:52 pm

The aim of the anti-theist network is to take action against religion and bring about influence and change in society.

Progress can be made in the following ways:

  • First sub-communities must come together and a network of communication and cooperation must be established. This will mean organising and motivating groups of people in the local area in which you live - likely friends and family to begin with. This does not rule out individual action of course.

  • Artistic expression and culture jamming is perhaps the most immediate action that will generate attention, interest and (for the short term) influence. This will be especially useful if accomplished cumultively as the effect will build up and have a much greater impact. Suggestions include: producing art that satirizes religion - design your own T-shirts, food, paintings, images, music etc. - or exposes contradictions, brings criticisms, or focuses on other similar areas. If possible attempt to spread such productions to as many people as possible and draw as much attention to them as possible.

  • Arrange public, open events that put emphasis on these issues. Organise the showing of The Life of Brian (and similar films!) at a community centre near you - on a religious holiday, perhaps! (Makes sure the event gets attention)

  • If you are a student, set up a secular/atheist society at your college/university or school.

  • Involve yourself with local politics to make sure your representatives find out that religion is not important and secular issues are!

  • Right in or complain to media outlets, such as newspapers, if they are irresponsibly reporting science or are giving too much credit to irrational ideas and religion. Get yourself heard!

  • When the time comes, organise peaceful protests against religious churches and organizations in the likely event that they overstep their mark.

  • At every opportunity, criticise, debate and argue - do not tolerate irrational ideas, beliefs and behaviours. Do not be complacent anymore. Society has put up with this for more than long enough now.

It is up to you: Be intelligent, creative and imaginative. And be rational and peaceful.

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