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Post  Hitchman on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:11 am

Hello, I am happy to introduce myself to anti-theist members. When I was a young man growing up in a Chicago suburb, I suffered from a feeling that there was no point in living a life without purpose. My parents were not religious, but my grand parents were Pentecostals. I was drawn into bible studies and church. I wanted to believe in a personal relationship with god and the church encouraged me. One day I was brought into a small room in the church and encouraged to watch a video made by the pastor. The video instructed watchers on how to speak in tongues by allowing the holy spirit to enter my body and take over. Needless to say, I realized (finally) that I had been duped. Feeling like a fool, I walked out of the church and never returned. I read some books about cosmology and found a substitute for the transcendent. I went deeper into search for meaning by taking LSD. I learned a lot about myself from that experience, but it was intense so I cannot recommend it to everyone.
I was inspired to find this site after reading Christopher Hitchens book, god is not great. I found Christopher Hitchens web site, and learned more about anti-theists. Sadly, I will never have the chance to express my admiration to Hitch. I hope there are others on this site who share my enthusiasm for Hitch and his great books.


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