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Is free will an illusion?

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Is free will an illusion?

Post  GodlessGirl on Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:11 am

The concept of free will is important to Christians because they think it justifies God condemning them to suffer eternally for finite crimes. But maybe free will is just an illusion. MRI scans can now accurately predict what we will do before it even enters our consciousness. Everything physical is subject to causality. Why would the homosapien brain be any different?

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Re: Is free will an illusion?

Post  drunkenmonkey04 on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:30 pm

MRI scans can now accurately predict what we will do before it even enters our consciousness.

I guess it depends on your interpretation of free will? Some would argue that you either do it because something has caused you to do it, or that you will be the cause of things to come, regardless, you have to eat, sleep, work, in order to survive, that is not free will, but if you choose to ignore that you die. You, right now, have the free will to do what ever the fuck you want (that is my interpretation), but in reality you don't have free will, unless you don't care about living.

This guy shows some different thoughts on the subject -
The dertiminist makes the claim that all events are causal, and therefore free will is an illusion. The compatibilist acknowledges free will in so far as people have choice, but otherwise concedes that events are, by and large, caused by others. And the libertarian (not a political libertarian) rejects determinism outright and claims that free will is not an illusion. The compatibilist position seems most appropriate for the non-religious as it ascribes actions that result from psychological states to free will, but 'static' traits, including personality, values, etc., as determined.

And to describe my viewpoint on religion and their free will -
I have said it before - that doesn't sound much like free will if we are automatically judged sinful unless we follow Jesus who did something for us once again regardless of whether we wanted to or not? Really it seems to be rail roading - you have free will, sure, but because of Adam and Eve this is irrelevant as nothing you do will save you unless you accept Jesus, who sacrificed himself for you, regardless of your thoughts on the subject.


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